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About Rucker Design Build

Our design filters through every level of the construction process far beyond what is seen by the naked eye…at the core….the heart of our passion is modern and contemporary design, and its impact on life.

Form… function… feeling, this is the essence of design that touches each RDB project… Our focus is the who…who will occupy the space? and the how…how will it connect them to the natural surroundings. Fundamentally, we are committed to ensuring a home is a dwelling that provides comfort and respite.

Our style is simplistic and we approach each project choosing the road less traveled. Our journey in design is an mélange of old and new, ever mindful of carbon footprints we will bestow on generations to come. We upcycle all materials on site and resolve to preserve the existing structure of our projects to ensure they are restored and can weather the sands of time.

Meet Our Team

Rucker Hill
Designer & Owner

Rucker’s fingerprints are found on every inch of a project. With strengths coming from his background in the corporate business world, residential real estate sales and construction, his natural vision for design is a force to be reckoned with.

His design gives weight and reason for pause. On the phone you may feel his intensity, only to meet him in person to realize that intensity is his desire to enhance life through your interaction of the space. With his passion for life and love of sharing this joy with others he takes in the beauty of the surroundings giving a deep emotional connection whether working on his own design build or consulting on others. There is constant energy moving to deepen the end users connection. Each movement (…OK…most of them!) has intention and a feeling attached to it…all of which are good…real good!

Rucker is onsite working and tweaking his design throughout the project as at times what goes down on paper does not transfer into reality quite as well. In the endless pursuit of improving design, building greener, and exploring the bounds of materials he is also the lead carpenter.....all of his interactions with projects are part of a process that he cannot understand unless his touch is the same, thus the hands on approach from design through construction.

Rebecca Hill
Project Management & Budget Analysis

Rebecca is: the nails/rebar/glue/anything that keeps anything together….the one person that gives this team form. Without her….well…..lets not even go there. She performs everything that makes all that Rucker does happen. She performs project management, accounting, marketing, public relations, and everything else under the sun for Rucker Design Build. She is the gas that keeps the company running. She comes from a business background and has specifically worked in a variety of real estate capacities. She has been a banker, real estate agent, appraiser, mortgage loan officer, and even worked at a title company. She is a power house.